Finally, after much testing, we will be going live with our incident reporting interface to New York’s IRMA System.

Many of you will also have received the following memo:

Good afternoon,

Therap will be going live with the IRMA file upload process on July 9th, 2012. When the process goes live, there will be several changes that you should be aware of:

  • Users with the VA File Upload role will lose their ability to add, modify, or remove incidents in IRMA. This is being done to help the incident data between Therap and IRMA stay synchronized. If you need to continue to add, modify, or remove incident data, please contact your management and IR Coordinator to be assigned the VA Full Access role in TBSW.
  • The testing window for agencies in our PRODUCTION environment will be closed on July 6, 2012. All future testing should be done from the newly created test account xxxxxxx by the vendor. By using a new test account in our TRAINING environment, it will allow Therap to test with appropriate data for future updates to IRMA.
  • The name of the account is also the username and password for that account.
  • Use the attached PDF document and the internet link provided in that document to access the IRMA training system.
  • OPWDD will be removing the “TEMPUPLOAD” value in the ddsoincident_number field and replacing with the appropriate agency value.
  • We will not be running a daily cleanup on the data for Therap to test against and the transactions will be live without a rollback.

Thank you for your efforts during this testing phase and it is appreciated. If there are any questions regarding IRMA and the file upload process, please contact Scott Grabicki (518)381.2146 or Jessica Smith (518)381.2149. If there are questions regarding your Therap software, please contact your vendor liaison.

Scott Grabicki

Let us know if you have any questions.

:: Justin ::