Via one of my favourite blogs: The 19th Floor, I learned that the US will now sign the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  This is a good thing.

There’s a great line at the end of Jonathan Coulton’s song “The Presidents” where he says “I don’t like to make political statements” and the song ends!  Personally, I love to make political statements, this just isn’t my forum for them (buy me a beer anyone?).

I do however like this statement by President Obama:

I am not satisfied I am proud of the progress we have made but I am not satisfied — and I know you are not either — until every American with a disability can learn in their local public school in the manner that’s best for them. Until they can apply for a job without discrimination and live and work independently in their communities, if that is what they choose, we have got more work to do.  As long as we as a people still too easily succumb to casual discrimination or fear of the unfamiliar, we’ve still got more work to do.

Hope you get that phone call Mark!

:: Justin ::