Just to show off how mobile I am, I thought I’d write a blog post while driving to New York. Actually Jim (“Don’t drive like my brother“) is driving, but you know what I mean.

We’re on our way down to New Jersey for a planning meeting with more of the Therap team, but had to change our route a little because of construction and/or flooding on the Saw Mill Parkway (the rain hasn’t stopped since the 4th inning of the Mets game last night).

I’m already getting way too excited about this ucoming weekend. The cup final is tomorrow and I now have DirecTV installed, complete with the Setanta Sports Channel so I’ll be able to watch it live without having to get up at some ridiculous hour and drive (as I did this morning!). Much more on the whole DirecTV and DVR experience later!

For now, it’s off to sunny New Jersey!

:: Justin