Tahseen and I battled our way down to Delaware last night through the snow on the New Jersey Turnpike (sounds like a Simon and Garfunkle collaboration with Bruce Springsteen!).  Then this morning had to clean an iceberg off the car before heading down to Georgetown to do some training with the Delaware DDDS folks.

We are having a fascinating time working on state caseloads.  This will end up building what I think will be an incredible  system that will ensure that everyone knows who is on their caseload and each agency, individual, and even family knows who their case manager and other state workers are.  The DDDS folks here really are great to work with and I am looking forward to another day of training with them tomorrow as we work on more advanced Provider Administration and the reports that senior state staff can get.

The highlight of today though happened a WaWa (why don’t we have WaWa in Connecticut, they are great – especially the milk shake machine).  I was standing in the checkout line when someone came up to me and said “Looks like you have some great stuff in 7.0 we’d like to hear more about it”.  The someone in question was Jayson from KSI who it was great to bump into.


:: Justin ::