I’m sitting in Terminal 4 in London’s Heathrow Airport and thought it might be fun to add another location to my list of places that I have sent blog greetings from!

The trip down here from Edinburgh was easy enough, but delayed because they repaired runways at Heathrow last night and the concrete didn’t set properly! (You’ve got to love British workmanship!)

The next bit is the long one. It’s about 10 hours from London to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I just hope it’s a decently comfortable plane.

It’s going to be very exciting to be there in so many ways. To see how people with disabilities are supported in a different culture and see how we can help – preliminary discussions suggest a remarkable number of similarities; to meet people for the first time that I have worked so closely with since before officially starting with Therap, and to experience a whole new culture.

I can’t wait! (not sure the weather will be quite to my liking – hot and wet – but that’s a small price to pay)

— Justin

PS Had a wonderful dinner last night with an old friend Scott who is getting married to Michelle when I get back to Edinburgh. It was fun to meet Michelle too. We had each heard a lot about the other over the years, but never met before. Scott also has a son called Calum who is growing at an alarming rate. Look for more on the wedding next week, it should be a great shindig being held in a wonderful location.