It felt just like being back in Scotland this morning, it poured down with rain, but I had a great time anyway.

I met with three very different providers, but each interesting and impressive in its own way. Most of all, as I have often discovered as I travel around, the people I met were the heart and soul of their organizations with an obvious commitment to what they do.

Thanks so much to the folks at Shangri-La, Partnerships in Community Living, and Community Support Services for their warm welcomes and their time with me today. Special mention should be given to the chocolate fudge in Monmouth!

It’s going to be great to have a nice little cluster of users in the Salem area – watch for upcoming Oregon User Group Meetings!

After all that we took a trip to the State Capitol building in Salem. It didn’t look overly impressive from the outside, but inside was another story with wonder marble hallways and gorgeous paintings.

Tomorrow were off to the Pacific!

:: Justin