Today, for Calum’s Birthday, we all slept in and then did some prezzie opening (along with celebrating Dad’s Birthday in July at the same time)

Then we headed out to have Iona try out a few “real” oboes.  Who knew, oboes in Britain have different fingering from the rest of the world!  We did though find a brand that she really liked the sound of, we’ll just have to head into NYC looking for a second hand oboe shop (I have heard rumours of some).

Then it was off for Calum’s birthday treat, going to see Mark Thomas.  He’s a very politically active comedian who swears a lot (though he’s says he is trying to cut back and Mum thinks he’s a nice boy anyway).  The show itself was tremendous and very very funny.  Calum turned into heckler-in-chief and even got a few laughs.  My favourite piece was the one about invading Jersey (the island in the English Channel, not the state south of New York).

090810 Calum's Birthday (15) by you.

The evening ended up at Cargo, a restaurant in Edinburgh that is my nephew Matt’s latest place of employ.  A very fine dinner for which we we joined by my sister Anne and her family.

A walk home, more birthday cake, and life is good!

:: Justin ::