Picture of Justin and Calum


I still have the birthday card my parents gave me for my sixteenth birthday (might also have been the year I scored The Great Game of Britain).  It’s in a box in the basement somewhere and if it was less of a disaster down there I would be very tempted to get it out.

It said something along the lines of “It’s your birthday, why not leave your clothes on the floor, make a mess of your room, play your records loud enough to wake up the neighbours.” and on the inside… “after all, why should today be any different”.

It’s quite remarkable what a great 16th Birthday Card that would have made for Calum.  Instead he got an ice-cream cake with a guitar inside it and a whole bunch of CDs which coincidentally I rather like!

Happy Birthday Calum, now it’s time to get really scary and start driving!

Love you lots.

:: Dad ::