Picture of Justin and Iona

Tonight was Iona’s 16th Birthday Party. She had invited a bunch (I think 52 was the final count) of her friends to a a local VFW hall.

Michele did a ton of preparation work and we decorated a bit last night. The father of one of Iona’s friends is a DJ and provided the music and we all hung out and ate and danced the night away.

It was a tremendous party. Wayne did a great job with the music and Iona was a wonderful hostess.

What a great bunch of kids. With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that there is about the youth of today, these guys were great! There is nothing better than watching a whole bunch of teenagers just having a great time.

Picture of Iona's Birthday

We had a few other parents stay, but there really was no need for any active chaperoning.

Now I just need some sleep!

:: Justin ::