I was introduced to the New York Mets in 1985, my first summer working at the Southampton Fresh Air Home.  The Mets were great with Gooden, Strawberry, et al and all the kids (at least the smart ones) loved them so I hopped on the bandwagon.  With a World Series the next year it seemed like I had made a pretty good choice!

Justin and Justin and Calum at Shea StadiumSiraya with Mets Tshirts

The next 30 years though haven’t always been as easy and being a Mets fan has become very much like being a Hearts fan.  In fact, even more so over the last couple of years where financial problems have forced a reliance on your talent (which might have been a smarter plan in the first place!)

This week I was in New Jersey for some internal meetings with our Operations Team (almost entirely Mets fans) so we took over the bar at the hotel for a couple of very enjoyable nights of Mets watching.  Coming home to find that Siraya and I now have matching T-Shirts only made it better!

Justin and Siraya with Mets Tshirts

I think what made me happiest was the ridiculous grin on David Wright’s face as he was interviewed afterwards.  We’ve been watching him since his days playing for the Binghamton Mets against our local AA team, the (now removed) New Britain Rockcats.  To add to it, I did a quick check of my Mets posts on here and discovered that the first one was about David Wright saying (in 2006) “Good thing he’s only 23”!

So for now it’s time to root for the Royals so that the next two series can involve some dangerous wagers with our Central Regional team!


:: Justin ::