I know many people are looking ahead to 2009 with some trepidation given the state of the economy and any number of unsavory situations around the world.

I for one, am really excited.  For one, I always hold out hope for peace and justice because I think that without doing so you have no chance of actually achieving anything.

Then there is Therap!  2009 is going to be (yet another) tremendous year for us in many ways.  Here are just a few things off the top of my head:

  1. The application is continuing to grow.  The list of enhancements for 8.1 is really exciting.  Topping the list for me are additions to MARs and Personal Finance and some simplifications and reworking of TMS that are going to be spectacular.  There’s much more of course and your best way to find out about it all is to come to our Provider Admin Conference in February.  That’s before I get to all the coll stuff that Asif and Sazzad are doing in Billing and ISPs.
  2. After that, just imagine what we are planning for Therap 9.0!
  3. The Therap team just continues to get better and better.  I am really exited to announce that Debra Buffett, Jeff Case, and Ken Slavin are all joining us this month as members of our Sales and Implementation Team.  I’ll take more time to introduce them each in future posts and I am sure you’ll get the chance to meet them soon.
  4. I am convinced that it is in times like these when we need to be aware of every penny that we spend and makeing sure that all of our staff are as effective as it is possible to be that this really is the time to be using Therap.  Sometimes you really do have to do something new to save money.  I’d be very interested in hearing and sharing your experiences in saving money and/or becoming more effective.
  5. Our goal at Therap has always been to have the best possible support and always will be.  We know that this means that as we grow we just have to keep getting better.  With the T-Girl automated training you can see the beginnings of our next generation of support and training materials.  Over the course of this year you are going to see these expand and improve to offer you, your staff, your families, and the people you support an even more incredible Therap experience.

This really is just the tip of the iceburg, as always we hope to exceed your (and our own!) expectations at every level.  If you can think of anything that we should be adding to our to do list, let me know.

And of course 2009 is Homecoming Year, to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Robert Burns.  Be sure to find a local Burns Supper to join in on this month and find a way to get home to Scotland (aren’t we all Scots at heart?).

Happy New Year!

:: Justin ::