As we prepare for the very significant transition over to individual based caseloads, we want to be sure that we know whether or not you are current using program based caseloads to provider your agency with a place to keep notes (as T-Logs or ISP data) that can only be accessed by a select group of staff.

For example, you might have a program called Nursing and enroll all your individuals in there.  You would then write T-Logs, or ISP Programs within that program so that other users cannot read them.  This obviously would only work as log as you do not assign any users individual based caseloads, as they would automatically have access.

Reading through the paragraph above, and trying to work out how to explain it more clearly is a great example of why we are switching to all individual based caseloads!  You can watch the video above for a more detailed run through.

However, whether or not you have used private programs, we still need you to fill out the survey over at:


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