This morning I sent out the following email, if you haven’t yet responded, please do!

In our next major release, planned for mid-May 2015 we will be making a major update to the way that caseloads are handled within Therap.

As of this next release, all caseloads will be individual based. This means that if you have access to an individual, you will be able to see their data (assuming that you have the appropriate role) from anywhere within your agency, regardless of the program that it was recorded in.

This will have many benefits, and you can find out much more by watching the video that you will find here:

There is one specific scenario that we would like to find out whether it applies to you or not. That is, if you use program based caseloads to keep data restricted to only a certain group of staff. Here is a blog post I wrote about it all the way back in 2006:

If you like the sound of this, but aren’t doing it yet, don’t start now, we have a much better solution in the new release.

If you have used programs this way, we need to know so that we can help you transition to the new caseloads and still maintain that privacy.

So, whether you do or not, please go to fill out the very short survey. This is a very important step in our transition. On this page you will also get a link to our beta release where you case try out the new caseloads and other features for yourself.

:: Justin ::