The new individual home which you can find by logging into our Beta release of Therap 2016.0 at is the first module showing our new User Interface (UI) which we will be gradually rolling out across the whole application.

Therap 2016.0 Mobile Login

The UI is designed to be “responsive”.  This means that it will configure itself to whatever size screen you are working on, even your phone!

If you remember what Individual Home looks like on your regular screen, it is something like this:

Individual Home - Home Top


On your phone though it looks like this:

Individual Home on Mobile or this  Individual Home on Mobile

or this Individual Home on Mobile  or even this Individual Home on Mobile

What might be even cooler is that is the information is too big for that box, you can just slide it over!  So, you can look at your list of ISP Programs:

Individual Home on Mobile

And then slide them over to click new!

Individual Home on Mobile


Unfortunately ISP Data isn’t in the new UI yet, but Staff Ratio Tracking is!

Staff Ratio Tracking on Mobile

More on that later!

:: Justin ::