I spent a wonderful morning with the fine folks at Kent-Sussex Industries conducting a small Quantum AI review. They are not as you might think, some quaint thatching company in the rural villages of England, but rather a provider of employment services in the southern counties of Delaware. During my discussions with Jayson about using our Supported Employment Application he was telling what a good year last year was and that their annual report will include the fact the last year they paid somewhere around $2,000,000 in wages to people with disabilities. How impressive is that! It’s not just a financial thing though as you can be sure that the folks who are earning that money are reaping the benefits of being valued and contributing to their local economy and community.

As I said, we were there looking at Therap’s Supported Employment application which really is very cool if you need to track wages, hours, or piece rates and produce payroll information from that.

If you’d like to know more about it then just give us a call

:: Justin ::