We have had feedback from a number of people around the country that they have been experiencing slowness with Therap. It’s been a real tricky one for us as we have been running quickly with no problems during this time.

Our digging along with that of our customers points towards an Internet Explorer patch sometime in February causing the problem. It also seems that the issue is more common on larger, managed networks.

Today I got a possible solution out of the fine state of Delaware where Scott Phillips and Jimmy Walls of the Division of Developmental Disability Services (names used by permission) have been tireless detectives. The following works for them, let me know if it works for you.

DDDS Therap Services Users:
We have found the solution for the slowness that State workers are experiencing with the TherapServices program. Follow these steps:

  • Open up Windows’ Internet Explorer browser (just as you would when starting to go into Therap’s website)
  • On the text toolbar at the top, click on the Tools command. (on my PC it’s between Favorites and Help)
  • In the box that opens up, click on the last item, Internet Options
  • In the next box that opens up, click on the Advanced tab at the top, right end
  • Pull the slide bar on the right about half-way down, until you see a category heading: HTTP 1.1 Settings
  • Check the second box Use HTTP1.1 through proxy connections, you can leave the first box checked
  • Click the Apply button in lower right of box
  • Click Okay button to close the box.
  • Log-in to Therap!!

A word to the wise, don’t change anything else up in that Advanced box. As I don’t know what 90% of that stuff is, I can’t help you if you do.

Making this simple change (and it is easy), has made a world of difference in the speed at which Therap loads. Where as before it would take me 30+ seconds to get in and go from page to page, with this change I’m in in under 3 seconds!! Just the way it’s intended to work! This is a great program and thanks to Jimmy, we can now use it to full advantage!!

Please note that we haven’t had time to test or check this, but I know how frustrating it is to run slowly and I wanted to share as quickly as possible.

Thanks Scott and Jimmy!

:: Justin ::