Picture of Football Match

Hearts actually won a game yesterday, and best of all is was against local rival Hibs.

It sounded like a pretty dire event, but I’ll take a result of Heart of Midlothian 1 – Hibernian 0 every time!

I was actually able to listen to the second half while driving back from JFK after catching the red-eye back from San Francisco, the nerves in the last few minutes were more than enough to keep me awake!

That was followed by going to Calum’s swim meet in Ansonia. He swam his first 200m Individual Medley (2 lengths each of butterfly, breast stroke, backstroke, and freestyle). He did really well, though it exhausted me just to watch him.

Talking of hard working kids, Iona is up to her neck in robotics (you can learn more either at The First Robotics website, or on the Wolcott Team Max website) and Siraya keeps on amazing everyone (first by starting to sign for “More” and “Eat” and then by sitting up on her own.

All very cool!


:: Justin ::