I had my first look at Therap 6.1 today – we hope that it will be in the production release by the end this month.

Basically it’s a series of features and enhancements to 6.0 which will tide us over until 7.0 comes out. Personally I am really excited. Here’s some of the hightlights that I can remember. To find out more, why not sign up for a User Group Meeting.

  • Data Administration
  • Assign multiple individulas to a program at once.
  • Automatically create CaseLoads when you create programs
  • CaseLoads can now be deleted (the way this is handled is very cool and I expect to see reproduced elsewhere in the future)
  • T-Logs
    • Choose which programs to share T-Logs with
    • View who has read any T-log from that T-log
  • GER
    • When reviewing a report, you’ll see all the details in the main report.
    • Produce an Arizona state incident report form
    • Produce a Connecticut 255OH incident report form
    • A new “best practice” PDF version of the GER.  This is the firt step in us moving towards enhanced printing
  • Behavior
    • A very cool report that shows the freqency of target behaviors and interventions along with their effectiveness
    • User names are added to the interval reports
    • Only the sticky notes with info on them show when looking at a Behavior Event Record
  • Management Reports
    • An amazingly cool new report for multiple provider users
  • TMS
    • A new form for entering old or existing certifications
    • New terminology
    • So many other enhancements it will be its own blog post!
  • Health Tracking
    • A bunch of things we didn’t get to today so I’ll let you know when I see them!

    As I hear, see and play with more, I’ll let you know

    :: Justin