I was just about to write the post you probably now see above while watching the Mets play the Giants.

The Mets had just fallen behind in fairly devastating fashion and it looked like one of those heartbreaking losses that the Mets have been so good at.

So what happens? David Wright does! He steps up and calmly knocks his second home run of the day into the right field bullpen

What a player! Even better, he’s only 23.
:: Justin


Well, the Mets were doing their best to live up to history and lose this game, but someone forgot to give the young players the script.

If David Wright’s home run was exciting, Lasting Milledge’s in the 10th (his first major league home run when the Mets were down to their late strike) was even better!

It’s so nice to see Armando Benitez implode for someone else

Update #2

Oh well…

They did find a way to lose it in the end, but that was fun!