It seems slight strange to be writing about baseball when the world cup is on, but is hard not to when the Mets are doing as well as they are just now.



What's fun about the 2010 Mets (you almost have to say the June 2010 Mets) is not just they they are winning, but they finally have some character and look like they are having fun and playing for each other.

They have managed to get rid of a bunch of the over-age, over-priced, under-achieving players and their spots have been taken either by youngsters (the Mets #1 infield is now entirely homegrown and half of it is not old enough to drink!) or by older guys relishing their chance at the big time.

This is exemplified by Ike Davis (was playing Single A ball this time last year, now hitting clean up and diving into the dugout or the stands to retrieve fly balls) and RA Dickey (how can you not be a knuckleballer with a name like that?  Though I really think he should grow a handle bar mustache).

I'm still not convinced by Gerry Manuel as a manager, but you can't argue with the product right now.

This is fun.

:: Justin ::

PS There is a pretty obvious Therap-Baseball analogy in here, but I'll leave that to Richard!