One of the coolest things about using Firefox as your browser is the extensions you can add in to it.

As of now, I’m using the following:


Allows you to blog and browse at the same time making adding links and pictures a breeze.

FireFTP: A great little FTP (file transfer protocol) thingy that just opens in a Firefox tab and allows you to upload files to your website.

Signature: Great for SComm, lets you right click and add your customized signature to any web form.

Fireform: How many times do you type in your name and address online? Only once more with Fireform!

Fireshot:  I do a lot of taking screen shots (usually as part of testing Therap).  It can be a real pain, especially when  it comes down to cropping and sending.  With Fireshot it jut got a lot easier.  All inside Firefox!

IEtab: Probably my favourite plug in. For those pages that only work in IE (Yahoo Music and HeartsWorld for example) now you can still have them inside a Firefox tab.

If you have any others you think I should be using, please let me know

:: Justin ::