In case you didn’t know, I love toys! My latest experiment is with something that I think will soon be widely used: fingerprint recognition. I am playing with a Sony Puppy. It looks like a USB flash drive, but has a place for you to put your finger onto it and it will use that to automatically enter passwords for websites – very cool!

It has a couple of limitations at the moment in that it will only work with Internet Explorer, and it stores your fingerprint information locally. The latter limitation prevents us from storing your fingerprint information along with your Therap account information so you could get access to Therap with your finger print from any computer. However, if you only use one computer, you can set it up so just putting one of your fingers on the sensor takes you to our website and logs you in. This allows you then to choose enormous, complicated passwords that you don’t have to remember!

It’s another example of an area of technology that we here at Therap are keeping an eye on. If there is something out there that you would like to see us try to implement, let me know!

– Justin