I was asked an interesting question today, and came up with a nice answer that I’d like to share with you:

Question: “Can I get a list of the staff that I have assigned a particular super role to?”

Justin’s Initial Answer: “Errrr. Ummmm. I’m not sure.”

Justin’s answer after looking for a few minutes: “Sure you can, here’s how.”

You need to have the “Staff Management Summary” role. For more about this, check out our User Guide or give me a call.

1. Be logged on as a regular user, not a Data Administrator.

2. On the main menu, go to “Management Summary”

3. Then click on “Staff Report”

4. Click on “export to Excel” (at the bottom of the screen).

5. In Excel (which may open inside your browser) click on the number 3 at the left of the screen to highlight that row.

6. Go up to the “Data” menu and choose “Filter” then “Auto Filter”

7. Now if you click on the little arrow in the cell that says “Access Rights” (cell E3) you will get a list of your Super Roles.

8. Click on the one you want and you will have a list of all your staff who have been assigned this role.

9. You can now filter or sort your list any way you like.

10. You can work like this with most lists in the Therap system where you see the “Export to Excel” link.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

– Justin