And make sure your staff do too?

As we get closer to the release of Therap 6.0 (not close enough for beta testing or a release date yet – in fact it looks like there will be a 5.3 before that, but that’s a whole other blog post – my, what a lot to put inside parentheses!) we have been having discussions about how best to make sure that all of your users are aware of the changes that will be taking place.

Some of them will be unavoidable (e.g. Incident/Medication Error/Restraint Reporting becoming General Event Reporting) and so we just need to let people know what to do, others (such as T-Log Update) will only be available if new roles are assigned by Data Administrators.

Of course, you wonderful people who read this will be fine! This trick is to get all the information down to everyone else who uses the system. We will be providing lots of options such as:

  • User Group meetings (online and in person)
  • Special Classes (mainly online, but I will be visiting a few folks in the next month or two)
  • New Animated Tutorials (like the ones in the User Guide
  • Newsletters
  • Tips of the Day
  • TherapWiki
  • Written materials

What medium works best for you? How would you like us to train your staff?

Please let me know or give me more suggestions.