If crab grass played baseball, it would play for the Atlanta Braves and be called Jones (most likely Larry).  On the other hand it could as easily be called Smoltz, Maddox, or Glavine.

With apologies  to my Georgian friends (who are more than welcome to challenge my analogies at the NAQ Conference in Atlanta this week).

Either way, it leaves me very confused when it comes to Tom Glavine.  As the Braves continually tortured the Mets through most of the last two decades, he was so often at the middle of it.  Throwing those pitches it looks like your granny could hit, but no Mets player ever could.

Now of course Tommy is a Met and tonight is (for the second time) going for his 300th win (by all accounts, he could well be the last person ever to do so). He seems like a really nice sort of chap, but it just never quite feels right supporting him – very strange.

Either way, I will be rooting hard for him tonight.

:: Justin ::