According to Billy Wagner, Manager Randolf and Pitching coach Peterson don’t have much of a clue what’s going on in the Bull-Pen. No wonder! They never get out there, all they have is that one lousy phone. Imagine if all the pitchers were writing T-Logs about how they were doing each day, Willie and Rick would be bang up to date and the bull pen would feel appreciated because of all the encouraging follow-ups they would read. By Using Staff Scheduling, they would have been aware that the bull pen was working overtime while the starters were constantly on vacation.

Jose Reyes doesn’t realize that he’s supposed to run out every play. Despite being benched earlier in the year. If there was a baserunning ISP out there, he would have had to acknowledge the fact he knew what to do, and on returning to the dugout would have documented his effort (custom scoring: Busted a gut, jogged, dogged it, couldn’t be bothered).

Lastings Milledge, rather than winding up Florida so they beat our pants off the next day would have read their behavior plan which states very clearly that they react strongly to excessive home run celebrations and as such these are discouraged interventions.

Ricky Henderson of course wouldn’t use Therap (too much work to remember a password), but using Activity Tracking, upper management would have been aware of this and would have fired him before he infected the rest of the world.

With all this information floating around, Jeff Wilpon wouldn’t have had to keep on pestering the club house and undermining the manager, he could have just analyzed Management Summaries from the top of a crane over Citi Field. These would have shown that Tom Glavine’s form was plummeting and anyone else would have made a better final day starter. Thankfully afterwards, it only takes a couple of clicks and Glavine can be locked out for ever.
I’m sure there’s more, but I’m off to Colorado!

:: Justin ::