I had another exciting walkthrough this morning looking at the GER enhancements for 7.1.

The key bits look something like this:

For New Jersey:

The New Jersey State incident report form and…

the New Jersey State Incident Report Follow Up Form, both in full their full PDF glory.  Thanks to Karen and Jesica for all their help in getting the logic right with these.

In Arizona:

We’ve fixed an issue with witness phone numbers where they can now be entered on the fly for the Arizona State Form.

For the Therap PDF we have added the ability for you to put your own logo at the top of the form.  This is a feature that we hope to extend to a bunch of other places.  In 7.1 I think that you will also see it in Billing (I’ll find out for sure when I go through the billing enhancements with Asif tomorrow).

There are a few other enhancements for folks in Delaware, Connecticut and elsewhere which I’ll go into more details about when I get my hands on a Beta release (which will hopefully be quite soon).

:: Justin ::