As you hopefully know by now, we are in the progress of transitioning to Individual Based Caseloads.  If you haven’t watched the Webinar and answered the survey at: you should go there right now and do so.

On of the concerns that people have had about this switch (in fact, it is a concern about the ToDo List right now) is that there are just too many counts from places you might not be concerned about today.

To fix this, in our next major release we are going to be adding a very cool new feature “Choose Program”

Choose Program - Dashboard


By clicking this link after you log in, you will  be able to filter your access for the rest of your session to one particular program.  This means that all your ToDo counts will be limited to that program and when you click “New” you won’t have to choose a program you will be taken directly to the list of individuals enrolled in that program.  Pretty cool huh!

This is a great example of the sort of innovation that we can bring you thanks to the new individual based caseload foundation that we have.

In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing this functionality in Beta so you can try it for yourself.

:: Justin ::