A note: BE SAVVY=Brockie’s Exciting Summer Annuel Vacation, Varies Yearly

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Justin Brockie’s daughter, spell check, and occasional photographer.  He bothers me to blog, even though his posts are shorter than mine, and I bother him about his typos, even though I have just as many.
Well, today has been interesting! Dad woke me up around seven for or usual goodbye-and-have-fun-on-your-trip breakfast with Pepere at eight, which was nice.

After that it was back home for about three hours of last minute packing (very last minute), cleaning (no one likes to come home to a messy house), address gathering (for postcards), and phone calls (for Dad).

I downloaded Diner Dash from shockwave.com for something to do on the plane. It’s such an amusing game! You are Flo, a woman tired of her hectic but uninteresting job. She quits, and decides to open up her own restaurant! Juggle orders, food, bills, and cleaning in this fast paced and ever changing game.

I sound like a television ad. How awful.

At around one, the car came to pick us up. Mom and Dad said it was a limo, so Calum and I were expecting the unusual but not bizarre bus thing that takes people to the airport.

Nope, it was a limo limo; long, stretched and white, with tinted windows, an intercom, and a black wall with tiny red lights and a row of glasses. My trip to the airport, to my delight, was made sitting sideways.

I love Bradley. Not only is it closer to us than JFK, but it’s nice and small. The lines are really almost nonexistent compared to some of the ones I’ve been in. I mean, thing back to the London Eye or the Carnival Cruise and we sprinted on through.

They had these absolutely terrifying new security devices. It was your standard doorway of a metal detector, but it had a door to it, and a floor. You had to go in there, the door closed, and a stream of air shot up at you from your feet. It was another security device, but, as I said, it was incredibly creepy. I was very nervous, except there was another line to one of the old fashioned ones, so we just waltzed on over there without a problem, and we were set. Hooray!

We grabbed a slice of pizza from the tiny food court (which I recognized, strange the things you pay attention to when you’re little!), then made our way to the entrance. This was done rather neatly, with the passengers set into lines A, B, and C, and let onto the plane in that order. The whole seating process is cut in half because people can sit anywhere they’d like. It’s actually really good. The time sitting in the plane before takeoff was really short, too. All in all, one of the smoothest and quickest departures I’ve ever made. Excellent.

There I go with the television advertising again…oops.

No movies or anything on this flight, but snacks included dry roasted peanuts, 100-Calorie Oreo packs (better than they sound), cheese and crackers, and these surprisingly tasty little plane-shaped crackers. Cute. Very cute.

I read two of my books and played some Diner Dash, made difficult by the minor turbulence we had over the Rockies, I believe it was. Now I’m sitting here, typing this in Word because, as I completely forgot, planes don’t have internet access, unless maybe you’re a celebrity. For me? Not today…

My nose was all blah for a little while, probably because combining a sinus infection with altitude is a really bad idea. Oops. Oh well.

It’s 7:11 Connecticut time, so we should be there relatively soon. That’s good. I can’t wait to see our hotel. It’s themed, all of Las Vegas seems to be. The name’s Excalibur, of course making it medieval (which I can spell), and Mrs. Skreb, the school band conductor, is supposed to be staying there until the 5th. Strange, right? Out of the whole United States…

There’s no crying babies, the plane’s riding smoothly, and the napkins have little maps on the backs of them. All is right with the world.