Not long before we got to the house in Oregon where we would be staying, we drove past a sign for a drive-through safari, of sorts. So we took the turn (as we have a tendency to do) and went through it.

My favorite parts of the safari, hands down, was the dashboard of the car, the street in front of us, and the large hairy creature crossing the road all into the same picture. Another highlight was spotting a large, bearded animal that may or may not have been a gnu (perhaps an elk?). If you have ever (whether voluntarily or because I have made you) listened to the Gnu Song, you will understand the exciting aspect of the situation.

There was also a large bird sitting on its eggs, an animal like a bald sheep with a jackal’s head, a very pretty peacock with a shimmery blue neck, (Microsoft Word informs me that shimmery is not a word. I inform Microsoft Word that it is now.)

We spent a good deal of time driving in circles around two very large brown bears playing in a pond. They seemed to be having a great deal of fun swimming, splashing, and swatting each other in the faces. Ah, well. Bears will be bears.

The house we would be renting for the week was off a skinny little gravel road. The first thing I did after hopping out of the car was to run down the rest of the road, stand at the guardrail, and stare.

Hello, Pacific!

Only a glance, though, before unpacking and checking out the house. On the first floor was the kitchen/laundry stuff, a bathroom, my room, and Calum’s room. Calum’s room was decked out in bears, very cute, with a set of bunk beds up against one wall. I adored my room. No, it was nothing like the striped, bright, fuzzy melting pot that is my room at home, but somehow that would have felt out of place here. No, my bed was full-sized, with a simple flowered quilt, a chair in one corner, two bedside tables, and a TV on one wall. The relief it was to have my own space…after a week of hotel rooms, this was paradise.

Upstairs was a living room, my parent’s room, and another bathroom. After some exploring, we found another set of stair leading up outside. The house had a deck on the roof! Well, it was sort of on the side of the roof, up against the hill, but it was very cool. You could see the ocean from there, and it was the one place in the house where Mom’s phone had a signal.

Was it perfect? Yes, I do believe it was…


P.S. Leslie, if J.K. Rowling kills off Harry…I will do something very stupid. Very. She can’t so that!!! I really have no idea, I mean she killed off Dumbledore. I wouldn’t put anything past her.