I slept in, and it felt wonderful. Dad was already gone for work in Salem. (Not Massachusetts. That would have been a bit odd.) Tea, rice, and boiled carrots were breakfast. This might have looked a bit odd next to Mom and Calum’s cereal, but it was delicious. Come near me with syrup or eggs in the morning and nine out of ten times I will run away screaming. I’m not a big cereal sort of person, and when we go out for breakfast I usually eat about half a pancake. Something about sweet in the morning completely takes away any hunger I might have had. But, of course, I can eat ice cream at seven in the morning, no problem.

We dressed in shorts and sweatshirts, then went down to the beach. It was a walk of about a minute and a half, which was awesome. Calum and I immediately rushed down to poke the Pacific.

In science this year, we learned about rocks and their properties and most of it went right out of my head, but one thing that stuck was from when we did currents. The ocean water on the east coast is warmer than that of the west coast because the east is heated by the northward-flowing Gulf Stream, and the west is cooled by the southward-flowing California Current. Well, it’s true, at least for Oregon. The water was freezing cold! Instead of swimming, Calum and I set about to one of the best activities of the beach: building and protecting a castle.

Now, our castle was a rock stuck in a bit of dirt, but that was okay. The fun part is protecting it, the intricate system of walls and moats set up to protect the ‘castle’ from the incoming tide.

We lost, of course. We always do. When the tide came in, it pulled down our castle with ease. It was fun, though, watching the rough piles of sand be smoothed by the water, then sink back into squished little lumps.

There’s not really much more to say about most of that day. We hung around and enjoyed the feeling of having nothing to do, nowhere to go. It was cam chowder for lunch, then, before we knew it, Dad was home again.

We all piled into the car and drove to a nearby movie theater. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest came out on July 7th, and I was determined to see it as soon as possible.

Spoiler warning. My customary red ‘don’t read beyond here unless you’ve already seen this or aren’t planning to’ warning. Admittedly, it’s not as necessary as the one for new Harry Potters, but I’m guessing there are people out there who will appreciate this. Or maybe it just makes me feel special…heehee. Anyways…

I enjoyed the movie immensely! It had plenty of cheesy references to the first movie. Jack’s, “Elizabeth! Hide the rum!!!” was pretty awesome. I really liked Bootstrap Bill. I think they did him perfectly. I got very annoyed with Elizabeth, though, when she left Jack on the ship…I wanted to kick her, then give Will a hug because she kissed Jack. Poor Will. Jack was pretty cool, though, when he got the bottle of dirt from the weird fortune teller, and when she said she’d take it back if he didn’t want it, he said, “My dirt!”

The fight on the waterwheel between Jack, Will, and that other guy whose name I always forget was pretty cool. The greatest part had to be when the people on the ground stopped fighting when it rolled by and were just all, “Okay…that was weird.”

I really liked how they added the organ music to the soundtrack, because of Davy Jones’s character. I love organ music when it’s used in the right way, like in the newest Phantom of the Opera, I believe. Very awesome.

And then Barbossa at the end… I don’t know, but the third movie is going to rock, it really is. I think I’ll get as many people as I can (probably only me) to dress up as a pirate and go see it. I’ll wear some of the stuff I got for Ariel’s costume party. Dad’s kilt shirt is the greatest pirate shirt ever, because it is white, had poufy sleeves with tight wrists and a wider bit over your hands, and laces up at the top. The coolest thing, though, is that is comes down almost to my knees. I wore it over old green leggings from Goodwill, then put a buckle over the shirt and around my waist. Instant pirate! Add a bandana, some boots, and that fake sword that says, “clang” when you press the red button, and you’re all set…

Now, if you’ve been to the movies with me, you know that I have this thing about staying until the very end of the credits. Half of the reason for this is because I have yet to see an Iona in the credits, but the other half is that many producers will reward you by adding a little bit extra at the end. It is best to come in with no expectations, because frequently there is nothing, but then you get ‘No dragons were harmed in the making of this film’ from the latest Harry Potter…

Did you stay for the end of Pirates? Because you should have… Remember the dog they left on the island with the cannibals? We got a short clip of that dog sitting in Jack’s throne on the island, with a crown on his head and the keys in his mouth replaced by a very large bone!

Ah, pirates. I love them.