I woke up late again on Tuesday. After more rice and carrots for breakfast, Calum, Mom, and I walked down to a store we had seen yesterday while driving to the movies. (Dad was in Salem again.) It was called Flying Things and it sold, among other things, kites.

The kite we bought is a Beetle, and I love it very much.

It is a sort of triangle, and is black, green, grey, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow…kind of like a tent that fell into a rainbow or something. It has two handles, and you can steer it. It’s pretty cool, because you can understand a lot about winds and air currents then you would have before. If the wind is strong enough, you can make the kite do dives and turns and other cool tricks. It doesn’t take too long to set up, just hooking a few poles together, looping the flight lines onto the kites, and then unrolling the lines. It’s insanely fun, and relatively easy, depending on whether you’re trying to just keepit up in the air, or make it dance.

Next to Flying Things was a sweet shop, a bit like CC’s in Wolcott. (If you’ve never been there, I strongly recommend it!) I got a piece of chocolate filled with marshmallow and caramel, Calum got a gigantic sundae with Rocky Road ice cream, and Mom got a coffee.

We spent the rest of the day flying the kite (mind the seagulls), building sandcastles with new buckets and shovels, and running up and down the beach, an extremely tiring activity. Then, it was time for bed.