Wednesday the wind was a bit weird, so it was hard to fly the kite. After I woke up at about half past noon (how awesome is that???), we really just hung around in the sand.

We walked down to the snack shop again in the afternoon, and I got a bag of chocolates pretending to be rocks, which were cool.

When Dad came home that night, he took us out to a different part of Oregon, to a beach covered in rounded black stones of all sizes. The cool thing about this was that when the tide rolled over them, they made a peculiar rattling sound. Mom thought it was creepy, but I liked it. It was kind of like the feeling you get when you listen to rain, that same sort of natural comfort.

Well, if you ignored the cold and the wet and the mist that chilled you to the bone.

We saw a huge pink starfish in a sort of tide pool, and green anemones, which I can spell. The coolest animals, though, were the seals. You could see their little rounded heads poking up out of the waves off of the shore, and occasionally they would flip over and their tails would splash. You have to love seals.

After we watched the seals, we went to a restaurant Warren had taken Dad to before. The restaurant was called Mo’s, and it did seafood. It was delicious, and the fact that each table had a bucket of crackers on it only made it cooler.

On the wall was a sign that said:


I figured it out first. Can you get it?