Thursday the wind was so low, the kite wouldn’t even get up in the air. The tide was low, though, and a sandbar appeared. Calum and I ran on it in the freezing cold water up to our ankles, until the tide came back in and it was half way up our shins. We forgot that we were on a sandbar, though, and ended up wading back through waist-high water. Cold, cold, cold!!! But it was fun while it lasted.

I tried to bury Calum when we got out, but it is now scientifically proven (well, not really) that he can not lie still, so there went that idea.

We were both cold, and now Calum was sandy too, so we ended up back at the house for showers and lounging around, reading mostly. I’ve read every book I’ve brought with me (excluding summer reading) at least twice.

When Dad got back from Salem and Monmouth, we went out to eat at a nice Mexican restaurant, where I got this platter of chicken, cheese, rice, mushrooms, peppers, and onions that I do believe was bigger than my head.

We spent the evening packing, because the next day would be spent driving eight hours from Oregon, through Washington, to Idaho.