I am a mixture of lazy and thorough, which is not easy to be, so I am very behind on my blogging. Basically:


The morning was spent lazily, then we went to an Osprey (minor league baseball) game at night. The highlight of this was probably a tie between the music and the entire crowd shouting ‘peanuts, peanuts’ to try and win some. The lowlight? The mascot who stole my book and made me dance…


Mom, Calum, and I spent the day at a water park recommended by one of Dad’s customers. It was pretty fun, with three big slides leading into a pool. The orange slide was for tubes, and was half covered, half open. The red slide was all closed, and the yellow was basically an open corkscrew with two turns at the end. The last was my favorite.

Around the base of the slides twined ‘Lazy River’, a circle with a minor current that you could float on in a tube. It was more fun than it sounds, actually. Pushing Calum into the various waterfalls when he least expected it was also a plus, of course. :)


We had a very lazy day doing nothing, but when Dad came home we went out to eat, then decided to walk up a hill. The hill in question had a big zigzagging trail that led up to a concrete ‘M’ the students at the University of Montana put up there. It was pretty cool, with a band down below playing music that drifted up so we could hear it. You could see for miles. It was weird, because you don’t think of Montana as having many trees, but it has tons.


We got up and got breakfast at the hotel as usual, then started off on a five hour drive. However, about an hour out the car slammed into a deer that ran in front of the road. The airbags went off and the car got all smoky, but the only injuries were a cut on Mom’s hand and bruises on her thumbs. Dad called the police, and we waited on the side of the highway for the tow truck. The man in the tow truck drove us to the airport. On the way there, we saw the smoke from a forest fire. We didn’t see the flames because they were in a valley. At the airport, we talked with the car rental company and smoothed things out. They gave us a new car, and we went to a hotel for the night. We’d make up the lost time later.

Is that cheating, shortening my posts and cutting out a lot of hard work? Probably, but:

  1. It’s summer vacation. I have a right to be lazy.
  2. I’m exhausted
  3. My posts are longer than my Dad’s already. :P

More tomorrow!


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