Happy birthday Calum! On August 10th, Calum turned 12! We woke up in the morning, and he opened presents. They consisted of a large quantity of Star Wars Legos that are not going to fit in our suitcases, some computer games, and a book on musical theory. Go figure. As an unbirthday present – hard to explain…family tradition – I got a jump rope and Pirates of the Caribbean for Dad’s PSP. I amused myself for a long while beating up zombies and cannibals and the like, and got extremely aggravated with a sort of Frogger part that mixed the jumping from alligator to alligator with the dodging cars…jumping from bit of cliff to bit of cliff while avoiding falling rocks. That was extremely grr-worthy.

In the evening, we went to a Kansas City Royals game. That was extremely amusing. They were playing the Boston Red Sox, and apparently there are as many Red Sox fans in Kansas as there are Royals fans. To add to that, no one in the stadium had any coherency, so the chants sounded a lot like, “Let’s go Red Sox Royals Red Sox Let’s go Let’s go…”

It was an exciting game, for the parts I watched. Mostly I was eating algae colored slushies or frozen custard – tastes like freeze-dried ice cream – or reading Blue is for Nightmares. That was one weird book…but I’ve read odder. Teen fiction, I’m telling you…

I was thrilled because when they were reading the lineups, they played Pirates of the Caribbean music. I’m certain of it. I mean, I know the entire 15th song on the first soundtrack by heart, every last note. That’s saying something for an instrumental, I’ll tell you that much.

There was also a lot of rain, a beautiful rainbow, and an amazing sunset. Even the sky knew it was Calum’s birthday…


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