Friday we drove from Lawrence, Kansas to Burlington Colorado, a drive of about 6 hours. Most of it was through cornfields and soy fields, the same stuff we were getting used to. Calum and I were greatly entertained by the 3rd Back to the Future (definitely my favorite!) and the first Indiana Jones (must…buy…hat…).

We pulled off the highway close to the hotel for gas and drinks. Next to the gas station was a large building with a big sign that read, “Prairie Dog Town” in large red letters. Of course, we just had to go check it out.

Inside, we paid to go in, then went over to check out a box in the corner. To our surprise – and Calum’s horror – it was filled with rattlesnakes! There was probably at least twenty of them in there. The woman in charge came over and woke them up, and they rattled! It was a crazy sound, just like a baby’s rattle. The end of their tails vibrated so quickly, they were almost a blur. It seemed completely unnatural, which was really what made it so cool.

Outside was a huge dirt lot, peppered with prairie dog holes and ringed with bird cages. Goats and turkeys roamed at will, usually chasing down whoever had bought food at the front desk. We, of course, had.

Dad was amused trying to get the shy little prairie dogs to eat out o his hand. He came pretty close a few times, before a goat ran over and tried to eat it…the food, not the prairie dog!

The goats were an interesting mix of cute, annoying, and scary. If you gave them food, they would follow you around the entire lot looking for more. If you were standing near a bench, they would actually jump up onto it to try and get some. Goats at eye-level? Not fun. I mean, these things have horns! They’re pretty smart, too. They’ve figured out that if they corner you and lower their horns, you will give them all of your food just for a chance to sneak away…

When Calum and I first heard that our hotel room had only one bed, so we would have to sleep on the couch bed and a cot, we weren’t to thrilled. However, when we actually saw the room, we didn’t mind at all! In the corner of the room sat a large Jacuzzi,, complete with jets. Of course, we started filling it up right away, and I proceeded to dump in every mini bottle of shampoo and bar of hand soap that I could find in the room. About ten minutes later we actually sat on the sides and dangled our feet in the bubbles, still in shorts and T-shirts. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun sitting in a hotel room!


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