Saturday was a mind-numbing drive from Burlington, Colorado to Kanab, Utah. How long is that, you ask? Thirteen hours. Ouch.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. We were in the car and driving at five in the morning, me still in pajamas and earplugs. Under towels and lying on travel pillows, Calum and I basically slept until we stopped for breakfast four hours later.

Breakfast was a cute little place the car sent us to, called Jenny’s. It was cute, with mugs hanging on the walls and beaded dream catchers on the windows. It really reminded me of Granny and Papa’s kitchen, which was neat.

The waitress was nice, and found it particularly amusing that our car told us to go there. She said that the restaurant used to be run by a woman named Jenny a long time ago, but she had gotten sick and died. The town still called it Jenny in her memory.

As we continued to drive on, the scenery around us slowly began to change. Mountains grew tall, and rocks turned a deep, stunning red. Words can’t describe it, and pictures can’t show it. The sun highlighted the stripes of cream and rose on the towering rocks, and the bizarre, surreal shapes made the landscape even more alien. We actually drove through what was once a whole rock, but had been cut through to make the road. You could tell because of the long, vertical grooves they had used to put in the sticks of dynamite.

The hotel we were staying in was very exciting, because it had three beds!!! Hooray for everyone having a proper place to sleep!


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