Tuesday we drove to a place called Bryce Canyon. I was a bit unsure about this, because after seeing the Grand Canyon, nothing could compare.

As it turned out, nothing had to. Bryce Canyon was beautiful in a different way than the Grand Canyon. A lot of it was the color. Bryce Canyon was a startling red and cream that almost glowed in the sunlight poking around the storm clouds. It was filled with tall, natural rock pillars called hoodoos. Also, we walked down into Bryce Canyon, which was fun. There were tunnels through the rock, amazing scenery, chipmunks everywhere that ran away the second before dad snapped their picture, and a lump of rock on a hoodoo at the end of the trail that looked like Queen Victoria.

Walking back up was not fun, however. The path was steep, the weather was hot, and it was over a mile. Not to mention, it wasn’t a loop – Dad…Calum… – so we were seeing all the same things again. All in all, though, it was a lot of fun, and very beautiful.

When we got back to Kanab, we decided to go souvenir shopping. In every single one of the places we went, Dad bought something Kokopelli, and I saw the same exact hat. It was black, with a wide brim and two dents in the top. There was a black band around it that had a small silver buckle with an engraved design. I loved it, mostly because it looked a lot like Indiana Jones’s hat. I didn’t get it, because it was a lot for a hat I would probably only wear on Halloween, but I will forever have fond memories of begging Dad for it… :)


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