Wednesday we drove from Kanab, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. It wasn’t a bad drive at all, maybe four hours or so. On the way there, we stopped at Hoover Dam. Calum begged to do the tour, so we did. It was pretty cool. We went down in a huge elevator to see all the bits of the generators and things inside. It was pretty interesting, but all the ‘dam’ jokes a rather old rather quickly. That, of course, is the exact reason I had to put one in the title…

I can tall you this much; I am not mechanically savvy, so a lot of the facts being thrown around went right over my head. Calum picked up on a lot more, especially since he finds that sort of thing absolutely fascinating. Since Dad said Calum would post something, we’re all good!

The hotel we would be staying at was called Circus Circus. The theme – I would hope – is pretty obvious. It had some long lines for checking in, but the rollaway bed there was the comfiest of the entire trip.


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ANOTHER NOTE: Yes I know the road trip is over, but I think we all still want the rest of Iona’s stories, even if they are a bit late – Justin