Friday, Dad was off to work again, and Mom, Calum and I headed off to a different part of the hotel. This was the Midway. A circular walkway lined with arcade games and booths bordered an arena where mini circus acts were performed twice an hour.

Mom gave Calum and me some money. We played some more air hockey – he actually bet me this time! – then he went off to play various arcade games. I, on the other hand, spent a while watching the DDR machine.

After that, I played a very amusing and slightly addicting game for a while. The only place I’ve seen it before is Chuck. E. Cheese’s, a sort of little kid’s arcade down in Waterbury. The game is a round machine with a clear done on top. In the dome is a ring of lights. At three different points a pair of colored lights arch over the ring. Outside of the dome, in front of each arch, is a button. When you put a quarter in the machine, a light travels quickly around the ring, stopping when you hit the button. The idea is to hit it when the light lands right between the two colored arches. This wins you the jackpot, which starts at one hundred after someone wins the last one, then adds one point for every game played and lost on the machine. I was very happy, because I won twice, and one time the jackpot was over 200! It meant lots of tickets to redeem at the counter.

I ended up spending most of the tickets on this incredibly soft toy penguin for Calum. We named it Poker, which seemed suitable for a Las Vegas penguin. I also got body glitter with enough colors for every day of the week, a toy water gun with a candy filled tank, and a pink plastic toilet filled with sour pink candy powder that came with two lollipop plungers. Honestly, who comes up with this stuff???

Twice an hour, circus acts were performed in the arena inside the Midway. They were pretty cool, something to watch if you were in line, bored, or out of money. I saw a contortionist, trapeze team, and juggler. I loved their costumes! When the only goal is to look amazing, colorful, and slightly over-the-top, their outfits couldn’t be anything left! Most of them were stretchy black or white fabric with colorful sequins in twirling designs. Under the huge lights, they simply sparkled!


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