Saturday morning we woke up very early to get ready to drive to the airport. Dad went down to get the car, and Mom called the front desk for someone to help with the bags. A man came up with a luggage cart. After he piled all the bags on it, we rode down in an elevator with him to the front lobby. He said that his shift was called the ‘graveyard shift’ because there were so few people awake at that hour.

When we got to the airport, Dad helped us unload the bags from the car, then he drove off to return it to the Hertz rental place. Meanwhile, Mom, Calum, and I tried to load most of the bags onto a small luggage cart. I ended up pulling one and carrying another, Calum pulled two, and Mom pushed the cart.

The line to check bags was huge. It went all the way down the sidewalk, then went into the road and zigzagged back and forth between barriers. Luckily, though, we got through it with relative ease, met up with Dad, and were through check-in and security in about another half hour.

Mom wanted something to read, so we all headed over to the bookstore. I spotted the teen fiction section, and decided to see if anything new looked good. But, gasp! What was that, sitting all innocently on the bottom right-hand corner of the shelf? No, it couldn’t be! But…it was!!! New Moon, the long-awaited sequel to my all time favorite book in the world, Twilight, was here! In front of me! It wasn’t supposed to be out until late September at the VERY earliest!

My shriek of excitement scared many, I do believe. Dad said I couldn’t read it until we got onto the plane…how sad. I mean, my hands were actually shaking, I was so incredibly hyper. I hadn’t even opened the front cover yet!!

Oh, Stephenie Meer, what a gift you have given the world…

We got Subway for brunch – tuna with chocolate milk for me – then boarded the plane. With Southwest, you can sit wherever you want on the plane, and since we had A tickets, were in the first group getting on. I chose seats behind the wing of the plane, so we could be next to the window – window seats near the cabin were all ready full – but still be able to see the view.

I don’t really remember much of the beginning of the flight. They came around with snack boxes and soda as usual, but most of the time I was deeply into New Moon. I had been so scared that it wouldn’t be as good as the first one, or that it would be the same basic story line with a few minor alterations. I couldn’t picture how Ms. Meyer could make a plot that could make me as happy as the first…

…but she did! It was amazing…sad and thrilling and scary and horrifying and absolutely wonderful all at the same time…I won’t go into detail for people who haven’t read it yet and want to, but –sigh- I loved it.

The limo ride home was surreal. I couldn’t really believe that we were back, or that we had gone away at all. It was a split mindset that was confusing and exhausting. I fell asleep as soon as we got home. Home! Can you believe it?


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