Today, Dad was working with Warren again, so Calum, Mom, and I set out to explore on our own. We went to a cute restaurant for breakfast, and were just being seated when we spotted Mrs. Skreb, my band teacher. We’d known she was in the same hotel as us and had left a message on her room’s answering machine, but had begun to think we wouldn’t actually see her. She was there with her mom, who seemed very nice, and we exchanged a few words before going our own ways. I’m glad we saw her. She’s pretty awesome.

We took a long walk through a few hotels and a lot of the nearby streets. Calum spotted a sign for a Titanic exhibit with actual artifacts, and pleaded with Mom until he was allowed to go.

It was actually a very well done exhibit. You are given a small card before you begin, with the name of a real passenger on it, and some information about him or her. At the end of the exhibit, you learn whether or not your passenger survived. My passenger’s name was Kate. She was 19, and from England. She had a 2nd class ticket, and survived the event. She was on the Titanic because she was eloping with a man named Henry. Henry did not survive.

The exhibit was complemented by music, a sort of soft techno that really fit the sad, underwater atmosphere. We saw parts of the ship, letters, money, dishes, clothes, and bags. It was really well put together, with an “iceberg” showing how cold the water would have been, making it easy to understand why most of those who died did so from hypothermia.

We walked back to the hotel and now people are swimming again, leaving me here. With my blog. And you wonderful people. Like Brianne, who commented. She’s cool. Want to be cool? Comment! You know you want to…everybody’s doing it…heehee.

Bye for now!