Tonight we went out to eat with two men Dad might be working with, and Warren, the president of Therap. The restaurant was awesome, best described as ‘suave’. It was set as underwater, with soft music and colorful changing lights.

The waiters and waitresses not only brought you your menu, but then stood and talked you through the entire thing, recommending certain items and answering questions. I got wild Tasmanian sea trout, which was actually very good. It came with these odd purple potato-y things that were a bit like sweet potatoes that weren’t sweet.

The restaurant also had very good, sort of spicy bread sticks about a foot long and a centimeter in diameter. They were crunchy, and I ate way too many…

They gave us these cute little chocolates when we were done eating. They were a tiny white chocolate cup filled with chocolate moose, and a dark chocolate wafer stuck in the top. Delicious, delicious.

After we ate, we went over to a hotel called the Venetian. It was, of course, decked out in tan and light blue and mad to look like Venice. I was riding up an escalator, talking to Mom and not really paying attention, when I suddenly caught sight of the room we were heading into.

I thought we were outside, because the ceiling was done up to look like a blue sky with puffy white clouds, right was the sun was about to set. The light was pale and soft, and buildings lined either side. A flute, guitar, and accordion trio played quietly from the center square, and gondoliers taking travelers up and down the small canal running under a bridge and into the next room.

The ceiling was so realistic, that I immediately compared it to the one in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. The enchanted ceiling was bewitched to reflect the image of the true sky. This painting looked that real.

We were going to go see a show at the hotel Treasure Island, where the end of Miss Congeniality 2 was filmed, but they couldn’t put it on because the winds were too high. A few long streaks of lightning flashing across the darkened sky convinced me it was time to go back to the hotel.

All was not lost! We settled in for a quiet hour eating ice cream (chocolate vanilla twist in a waffle cone) before heading off to bed.