I just saw my first ever tumbleweed! The fact that it was in the middle of a mini twister in the middle of the road that we just drove through…maybe I should be a bit more worried, but oh well. That was so cool…

We’re half way through the ten hour drive from Las Vegas to Reno, and I’m actually caught up on my blogging. How odd. Let’s go back to this morning, and continue from there…

We woke up early this morning to get a good start. We said goodbye to dad, who would be spending the day working, taking a flight to Reno, and meeting us there.

After a while we stopped at a diner for breakfast, a tiny little place in a rundown sort of little town thing where the occupants referred to the exterminators as, ‘goofy bug people’ and you had to go outside the restaurant to get to the doors leading to the bathrooms.

We’ve since driven through some of the most bizarre scenery I’ve ever scene. It’s mostly dirt and sand covered in tiny, odd little bushes, with huge mountains sticking up out of flat plains. I don’t even remember the last time this road took a turn.

Maybe an hour ago we stopped next to this big blue lake, Lake Walker, that randomly popped up out of nowhere. There was a little place on the cliff where you could pull over and take photos, but the guardrail, for about two hundred feet, was covered in a thick mess of spiders and web, with these bright blue dragonflies flitting about in the bushes beneath.

Whoa, weird. The land suddenly went super flat. All the big hills that used to line the road disappeared, and the only mountains are off on the horizon. Apparently, according to a small green sign on the side of the road, this is the Top Gun drag strip. Mom says Top Gun is a movie, so I guess that’s interesting.

We’re driving behind a construction vehicle, Calum is watching Star Wars, I’m listening to music, and Mom figures we’re at 375 miles out of 500. That’s only 125 to go! I wish I knew how long in time that was, but it’s varied so much, it’s really impossible to say.

I guess I’ll write something else when something actually happens. In the middle of the desert, where the only life we’ve seen so far are two people and four wild horses in the past 6 hours, this is seeming increasingly unlikely…