Iona’s giving her speech

I have to confess that I was more than a little cynical and sceptical going into this event. After all, “graduating” is something I associate with lots of exams and getting a degree.

I was very pleasently surprised. What it turned out to be was a dignified (but not overblown) celebration of kids moving on to the next stage in their lives and education.

There were a couple of highlights. The main one for me was the Chairperson of the Board of Education wishing everyone a great supper. I was hungry too, but I am sure that she meant summer!

Iona was selected to be class orator and gave a tremendous speech (I’m hoping she’ll put the text on her blog or allow me to put it on mine) It was well written and very well delivered. She may have been nervous (her pediatrician who is a fellow parent commented that she looked like she needed a good stiff drink) but everyone listened attentively and it seemed like everyone congratulated her afterwards.

It was particularly nice to have Calum there too taking park in the event as he played his trumpet in the band.

The downside is feeling old now I have a kid in High School!

:: Justin ::