One of the questions I am asked most often is “What is the easiest way for me to get to the Therap Website?” From this seemingly simple and obvious question come a whole bunch of answers:

Probably my favorite way to get to Therap is to install the active desktop buttons available by following the instructions on the Support Page of our website. The nice thing about this is you get two cute little orange buttons a bit like: on your desktop. One links to the Secure Login Page and the other to our User Guide.

If you don’t want a solution that is that invasive, you can create a regular shortcut on your desktop by dragging the icon at the left end of the address bar of your browser onto your desktop. In Internet Explorer you can click on the File menu and choose Send and then Desktop as Shortcut.

In your browser itself, you can add any of the Therap pages to your Favorites or Bookmarks lists or to your Links toolbar. This last one is what I do in my FireFox browser.

I actually have a Therap Folder on my Links toolbar which then drops down a list of all my favorite Therap places to go.

If I’ve missed any shortcuts to Therap, please let me know.

– Justin