Sazzad and his team gave me a walk through of what the ISP module will look like in Therap 7.1 and I have to say it was pretty spectacular.

Here’s a quick look at the new stuff:

New Features/Modules
Individual Plan of Protection: Based on the New York form

Quarterly Nursing Report: Gather demographic, health, and incident data and save it in a report along with comments and recommendations.  Other team members can then review and comment too.

ISP Acknowledgement Report: One of my favs!  For one or more ISP programs produce a report of all users who have acknowledged the program along with the approver and any updates.


ISP Program –

File and Image attachment: Attach as many files or photos as you want to to a particular ISP Program.  These could be photos showing how to perform or assist in a particular task.  Also a great way to attach plan documents and forms.

Comments Required, Duration Required fields: Now the program author has the option to require users (or not) to enter comments and/or times.  A very popular request.

ISP Template –

File and Image attachment: The same feature being made available in ISP Program

User Defined Scoring Method: Can now be defined from within the ISP Template Library

ISP Report –

Custom Quarter: What does a quarter mean to you?  Now you can have your quarters your way!

Duration in minutes column for Clinician Report: Handy for producing billing information

Followup Comments for Programmatic and Clinician Report: Not the whole team can review and comment on saved reports within Therap

ISP Data –

Grid Enhanced: No more pop-ups!  A quick new way of selecting scores.  Each task no has a short name which is shown over the column so it is easier to see what you are scoring.

Archiving: All changes to ISP data made available for you to track.

Misc –

Scoring Method Discontinue: Now that list doesn’t have to be so long and unmanageable with scoring methods you don’t want to use any more.

ISP Grid added to User Activity: Another easy way to track usage a whole screen at a time

Save and add another task/teaching method buttons in ISP and ISP Template: A great time saving button (Allison claims it was her idea)

Search by ISP name in ISP and ISP Data search screen: Find just what you are looking for, even more easily

It’s a great set of updates and I can’t wait to get them out there!

Enjoy when you can (not yet!…)

:: Justin ::