I was wondering how best to characterise a busy little sporting day when I got a phone call from my nephew Matthew who is an apprentice chef at a rather nice hotel just outside Edinburgh.  It just so happens that Vladimir Romanov the Hearts owner was eating there last night.  He chose to dine on some of Matthew’s Sticky Toffee Pudding (a very fine creation from what I hear).  It obviously proved to be a very fine choice (better than some of the team selections he is rumored to have made!) as Hearts went on to beat Scottish Premier League Champions elect Celtic 3-0!

On top of that, Calum’s baseball team (the A League Phillies) won their first game of the season.  They are a very young team that we weren’t expecting too much from, so to get off to a winning start is great.  I enjoy baseball as I can just sit back and let other people handle the coaching (and the stress!)

:: Justin