So, on the day that left last week, Diamond moved in, and Iona got back from her Most Excellent Adventure.

When I finally got back on Friday night after a few of my own adventures and some great training with the folks at ResCare in Fort Wayne, Indiana it was time to get settled in and get to know Diamond and the craziness that is having not only two 2 year olds, but 2 very unique 2 year olds at that!

Diamond just wants to be held all day, and given that Iona had very gallantly been filling that role all week, I spent most of the weekend with a wee girl attached to me.

I took a break on Saturday to drive Iona to Drum Major Academy.  We stopped on the way for some of the best wings I have ever had.  It must be a sign of getting old when your daughter starts recommending bars to you!  Weve already had a bunch of excited texts about how much fun she is having there.  Though I suspect she will smell better afterwards, compared with Outward Bound!

At the same time, Calum was returning from Work Camp in West Virginia where he had been painting, hole digging and entertaining the troops with his trumpet and guitar.  I am really pleased about how much fun he had and that he was able contribute so much, but more than anything I am impressed that his leaders managed to survive the week with him!

What with all that, the weekend passed rather quickly and it was time to be back in New York again!  Today was a bunch of questions, answers and designing with the MSCs, Nurses, QA Folks, and Day program people at SullivanArc followed by some really exciting brainstorming with their neighbours at the New Hope Community.  Watch for some very cool stuff comign out of that!

:: Justin ::